• Our Development Pipeline

    Polygenic Risk Scoring

    Our DNA based consumer test for heart disease risk is already live. DNA is the strongest risk for heart disease. We are all born with our DNA. Literally, at birth, we can embark on a personalized health journey to address our predisposition to heart disease. Our Tap Clarity Heart product is currently enjoying horizontal (channel) sales in employee wellness and clinics segments.


    Learn more at TapClarity.com

    Precision Heart Testing

    Dr Matt Budoff, Professor at UCLA and an Advisor to our company. pioneered the Heart Calcium Score. This test identifies heart disease and provides stratification for risk of a future heart attack. We are pursuing research to guide patients when to get a Calcium Score based on the predisposition they are born with so that heart attack can be prevented.


    The first phase of that development, our In A HeartBeat(TM) clinical study, took place the week of June 16, 2019 in Mountain View and Campbell, CA. Special thanks to No More Broken Hearts for the grant that supported this study.

    Gene Expression

    Our pilot data is quite striking - 1/3 of folks with an abnormal score on our gene expression (RNA) panel unfortunately died. Clearly, heart disease is not just about plaque narrowing the heart arteries. The inflammatory milieu in which plaque resides is the key to progressing from narrowing of the heart arteries to heart attack. Our gene expression test, therefore, completely reimagines heart attack prevention so that we can avoid the tragedy of cardiovascular disease.

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